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    Barely landed in Los Angeles from Paris in France, with my family, we have managed what seemed nearly impossible just a year ago ; leaving France and everything behind and start new life in California !

    The Fresh Mood project was obviously inside our suitcase… Thanks to our French experience, our mission is to bring you an authentic and original graphic vision highlighted by a selection of premium garments for men and women, with exclusive designs especially created for FRESH MOOD and printed by demand in our local Los Angeles workshop.

    Discover our perspective on what fascinates and makes us curious about American culture, lifestyle and way of thinking... Our printed & branded premium T-shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops can be worn anytime or anywhere , for special occasions, for yourself or for a special gift... So, stop saying that you have nothing to wear, just (re)Fresh your Mood ! Merci !

    10 REASONS WHY you will love Fresh Mood :

    1. We create exclusive & authentic art design collections for you.
    2. We select premium textiles made of US materials
    3. We care about the environment and working conditions.
    4. We offer new products regularly.
    5. Our products are made, checked, packaged, and shipped into our local workshop.
    6. We bring special care to our packaging.
    7. We are French people fascinated by your culture.
    8. We are the only "Frenchies" who are not grouchy and arrogant.
    9. Fresh Mood is like French (or California) wine, it's good for the mood.
    10. The only risk you take, is to love it !